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Në natyrë ka me qindra mijëra lloje bimësh,lulesh,farërash dhe shumë prej tyre shërbejnë për të shëruar sëmundjet dhe përmirësuar shëndetin e njeriut.Ato janë anti-inflamatore, anti-fungale, ilaç kundër insekteve, antiseptike, antibakteriale, detoksifikuese, për ulje temperature, antihistaminike dhe lehtësuese dhimbjesh. Këtu do flasim për disa nga këto bimë mjekësore nga më të fuqishmet që mund të gjenden në natyrë- ose madje edhe oborrin e shtëpisë së kujtdo -dhe që mund të ndihmojnë në situata të ndryshme që mund të keni nevojë.

Bërthamat e kajsisë gjithashtu janë shumë të rëndësishme në kurimin e kancerit në sajë të sasisë së madhe të vitaminës B17

Nëse ka një bimë që ka 101 përdorime ajo është aloe vera.Përdoret për djegie,për ekzema,për enjtje,për çarje dhe plagë të tjera.Lëngu I saj përdoret për tu pirë për trajtimin e problemeve tretëse, ulcerative colitis, kronik kapsllëk dhe për shtim të oreksit.Kjo bimë rritet shumë mirë në diell dhe është shumë e mirë për kopshte.

Rrodhja e madhe përdoret si pastrues gjaku,diuretik dhe diaforetik   

If you would like to add this medicinal plant to your backyard pharmacy, this can actually grow even without shade; just make sure that the soil is always moist so that the plant will thrive. Other uses for this medicinal plant include boils, rashes, bruises, burns, acne, ringworm and bites.

pot marigold The good thing about growing this medicinal plant in your garden is that it can thrive under any soil condition.As long as you make sure that the Pot Marigold grows in moist soil, it will very easily thrive. It’s also a great-looking addition to your garden aesthetically because of its deep-orange color.

So what are the main uses of Pot Marigold medicinal plants? It can help heal bites, stings, sprains, sore eyes, wounds and even varicose veins. When taken internally, this medicinal plant can be used to treat chronic infections and fever.

One of the medicinal plants, chamomile can help treat more than 100 separate ailments and conditions including the common cold, digestive problems, diarrhea, eczema, gastrointestinal conditions, mucositis, toothache, earache, shoulder pain and the common wounds.What’s good about chamomile is that planting them in your backyard will add a crisp and fruity fragrance to your garden.

This lovely-colored flowering medicinal plant is considered to be one of the world’s most important medicinal herbs. It’s actually an herbaceous plant which has several different species.What makes the Echinacea plant a handy medicinal plant to be around is the fact that it has a wide array of uses, including the treatment of sores, burns, wounds, allergy relief, insect bites, stings and snakebites. This type of medicinal plants also have the ability to help relieve allergies by strengthening immune system.

Also called the Great Yellow Gentian, this medicinal plant comes from the mountains of southern and central Europe. It is actually a bitter herb which is used in traditional medicine, and its main function includes the treatment of digestive problems.This type of medicinal plants also aids in the relief of exhaustion from chronic diseases, it stimulates the gal bladder and liver while at the same time strengthening the body.

Look at the ingredients of any over-the-counter medicinal product or beauty product and you will see how tea tree oil is usually listed as one of its main ingredients. This just goes to show how useful the tea tree plant is medicinally.Tea tree oil comes from the leaves and twigs of the tea tree plant. It has a great many uses, including the treatment of acne, vaginal infections, athlete’s foot, warts, insect bites, cold sores, minor burns, thrush and chronic fatigue syndrome.

There’s probably no better-smelling plant that you can grow in your garden than peppermint. It’s considered to be the world’s oldest medicine which has been used by people from the ancient times to relieve whatever it is that is bothering them medically.What makes peppermint such a medicinal garden essential is the fact that it is naturally rich in vitamins A and C, manganese and it helps reduce a number of symptoms including irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomachs, fevers, flatulence and spastic colon.

Ginseng is one of the most beloved and popular medicinal plants in eastern countries. What makes ginseng such a great addition to your medicinal plants garden is the fact that it promotes general health instead of just being useful for a particular type of ailment. It’s the root of the ginseng which is particularly useful in relaxing the nervous system. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels, improve your immune system and stamina, and helps treat lack of appetite and sleep disorders.

Both a cooking herb and a medicinal plant, sage is a great salve for insect bites, skin infections, gum infections and mouth infections. It can also help with indigestion, flatulence, depression and even menopausal problems.The Latin name, where sage was derived from, means ‘to heal’, which is an apt description for many ailments that can be resolved using this lush herb which doubles up as a medicinal plant.

These are just some of the top herbal medicinal plants which can serve as a great addition to your garden space. Aside from giving your dwelling that green and homey feel, these medicinal plants have a variety of uses for whatever it is that is ailing you.

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